Attendees talk about the Feed Your Faith LOVE WORTH FIGHTING FOR TOUR 2010 featuring Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield

Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield

LEXINGTON, Ky. – (March 6, 2010) – The Feed Your Faith LOVE WORTH FIGHTING FOR Tour kicked off its 2010 U.S. Tour featuring Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield of 2009’s runaway hit movie “Fireproof” in Lexington, Kentucky on Saturday, March 6, 2010 at Immanuel Baptist Church.  More than 1,000 people turned out and families, marriages and lives were changed.

Here are quotes from attendees:

“We saw Kirk and Warren last Saturday night! I cannot say how WONDERFUL they both were!! My husband and I had talked about how we grew up watching Kirk and we talked about how down to earth he is….what a wonderful Christian and husband! The biblical advice he revealed will surely help many marriages. We started the Love Dare a couple of days after the seminar… It is so wonderful to see someone of fame and fortune put God first in their lives and to not be ashamed of that! He could have chosen a very different path in life due to his early fame….but he is an awesome example to everyone young and old. He was so nice and friendly! He is true and genuine.  Warren Barfield is the most awesome live singer I believe I have ever heard! Thank you for a great evening, you guys! I hope you come back and Chelsea too…..we’d love to come to another seminar!
God Bless.”
Lisa and Rodney

“The Fireproof Your Marriage conference was awesome! Kirk and Warren were both incredible. Thank you for bringing this to East Tennessee!!!!”Paige

I have to say I was completely touched by this organization this past weekend! My husband and I drove 9 hrs from Hampton Roads, Va. to attend this event in Lexington Ky and loved every minute. of it…. It was wonderful and encouraging to be able to hear Warren and Kirk. I pray that Feed Your Faith is able to expand even more to reach others. “Traci

Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield

“Hey just wanted to share that my husband and I attended the Love Worth Fighting For Event that was put on by Feed Your Faith with Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield.  It definitely touch us.  Our marriage was renewed and our commitment to one another.  I also want to thank the two guys and their families that put these on from Feed Your Faith – they do this for us so that we can be better people and help marriages that have lost their commitments. These guys do out of a lot of awesome unconditional love for God that shines through them. Thank you to all of those involved in putting these events on!!   Also, love Warren Barfield’s music!”Stacy

“This was so awesome my husband and I went to the one in Lexington, Ky. this last Saturday”Linda

“It was wonderful!!!!  Thanks so much Feed Your Faith for putting this together. Some powerful stuff!  Thanks Kirk for sharing your knowledge of God’s word with others. Thanks Warren for the awesome worship music!!”Stephanie

“What a great event! Thank you to Feed Your Faith for holding these events. I will pray for your ministry!”Heidi

“We were in the middle of the Love Dare and Love Dare Bible Study when we attended in Lexington. We have such a renewed appreciation and love for each other! Kirk, Warren and Feed your Faith……..THANK YOU!!!!”Mari

Rick Laney opens the Love Worth Fighting For Tour

It was SO amazing…I am so thankful for the insight shared with us yesterday…thanks Kirk and Warren!!!”Betsy

This was such a wonderful event and you all were nice and funny. I had such a great time. Thanks for the fun day!”Lisa

“Last night in Lexington was such an awesome experience, we loved it. Thanks for doing it.”Dena

“Yesterday afternoon in Lexington was amazing. You hit many things going on with my marriage right on the head. Now, I need to put those principles into action.”Mark

I had a wonderful time at the Lexington seminar! The message and music was wonderful. My husband and I attended at a time when we needed it the most. Thanks to all involved, and God Bless.“Heather

Very good ! Recommend for anyone – married or single.”Melissa

“Someone at Feed Your Faith had this great idea about putting together a concert where Warren would be singing songs about marriage and sharing some personal stories, and he’s got some great ones — they’re funny and inspiring.  They combined that with a couple messages I had been giving on how to rescue a failing marriage, how to fireproof your marriage. And we put that together and we had a wonderful result.”Kirk Cameron

“What a wonderful afternoon seminar in Lexington, how passionate are these men about marriage. I thank God they led them to help people with marriages…. came just in time.  God bless you all in your ministries and your travels, you are working wonders through our marriage through Christ!!!”Mary

“Loved it !!! Grateful for Feed Your Faith. God Bless Kirk and Warren. Great Blessings !!!”Shannon

I really enjoyed the conference in Lexington KY. My husband and I were blessed. Forty two years together and we still love hearing new ways to make our union better. Keep doing what you are doing, God is blessing.“Debra

This was an awesome conference!  I attended the one in Lexington. Kirk had some great things to say. I can already see my husband trying to apply some of the things that were suggested. Not that I didn’t take anything from it. Warren was great also. He was so funny, but had a way of driving home the point he was trying to make. You should try to go see them if they are in a city near you!”Tara


Feed Your Faith was started four years ago by Mike Williams.  His concept was simple:  Bring in the best and brightest Christian speakers, authors and musicians to spiritually feed believers while raising money to physically feed those in need.  Three years ago, Williams was joined by Rick Laney, co-director of Feed Your Faith and today the ministry is still a two-man operation.  To date, Feed Your Faith has worked with nationally known writers and music groups including Kirk Cameron, Warren Barfield, Lee Strobel (former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and author of The Case for Christ), author Mark Middleberg, DecembeRadio, Decyfer Down and Sanctus Real (Dove Award winning Christian Rock and Alternative band), needtobreath and Sarah Reeves.   Feed Your Faith has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities throughout the Southeast United States.  Visit for more information.